Debbie Chou is a compositionally imaginative and boldly vulnerable singer-songwriter currently based in New York City. With a freewheeling genre-bending spirt and a penchant for compelling narratives, her music has been playfully dubbed “sad bastard rock". Her latest release,The End Of Our Time, will be her first new music offering in 6 years.

Previously, Debbie has released her debut album, Lovebug (2012) and the single, “Little Prince” (2013). Her piano and synth-based aesthetic weaves in and out a multitude of genres and traditions, borrowing ideas and concepts from post-punk, piano rock, indie rock, classical, and electronic music.

Debbie was born in Pittsburgh, raised in Taiwan, and educated in Connecticut. After exploring musical theater in college, she decided to formally study classical composition. Post college, Debbie moved to New York City and joined the indie rock band, The Barrens, where she sang and played keyboards from 2007-2013. 

For seven years, Debbie was silent as a recording artist. The 2016 election jolted her back in writing, and that fateful night she vowed to return to releasing music. The End Of Our Time breaks her musical silence. 

The 5-song EP many-moods collection with a clear conceptual thorough line. Every song on this release is about an ending: the end of shared time, the end of a youthful era, the end of an affair, the end of a friendship, and the end of a life.