• Dream Journal: 9/16/14

    Last night I dreamt I met David Bowie. It went something like this:

    I was participating in an acting/movement class (reminds me of my days as a musical theater student) and David Bowie was the honorary guest. Naturally, all of the students were giddy about his presence. The instructor asked us to partner up, and somehow I was the lucky one paired with David.

    The instructor gave us the assignment to pose as human sculptures, one person is allowed to adjust the other's stance. It was a fun project. I stood on David's thighs while he tilted my head and messed with my hair (sounds like something Bowie would do.) 

    Afterwards, I asked for an autograph. Not only did he sign his name, he drew a self portrait with a note: "Dear Debbie, never give up on your dreams." As I watched him sign it, I teared up a little, thinking that I would be extremely sad when he dies. 

    While still dreaming, I dreamt that I needed to be sure it WASN'T a dream, so I flipped through my bag to find the autograph so I could show it to my friends. It was there, and it was real (in my dreams.) 

    <end of dream> 

  • Two Shows This Week (April 10 & 11)

    Sometimes I have side projects. Life after The Barrens has been quite the journey. We each are evolving as musicians with more creative freedom we've ever had as a band. This Thursday, April 10, Chris Gersbeck and I will debut our electro-pop duo Slap Bracelets at Bar Matchless (557 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn NY) This was an idea we have been toying with about 3 years ago, and finally we are playing our originals and covers live for the first time.

    On Friday, April 11, I will join The Barrens for a rare reunion show at Paper Box (17 Meadow Street, Brooklyn NY) featuring my fiancé Nathan Scalzone on bass, plus Pete Macy on lead guitar for a Black Sabbath song. This is a special birthday show for our dear friend "Red Jen" Gordon. I don't think we will play another Barrens show together, but who knows. 

    Hope to see you this week. 

    1. "December" LIVE at Rockwood Music Hall, 3/30/14


    A new song, still a work in progress. Recorded live at Rockwood on March 30, 2014. Nathan Scalzone, guitar. Chris Gersbeck, drums.

  • Rest in peace, Pete Seeger

    In 2012, Pete Seeger received an honorary award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters. I had the privilege of attending the award ceremony where he led the audience with a sing along of "Turn, Turn, Turn" until he forgot the rest of the lyrics. I recorded about 4 minutes of this performance with my phone, so please excuse the poor quality. All I can say is the entire room was moved by his singing and by our own voices.