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  • What I have been doing musically

    It has been a while since I posted on this site. If you are reading this now, thank you for being here. 

    People often ask me when my next show is, what I have been working on, etc. I thought it would be appropriate to sum it up in a blog post. 

    I decided to take a break from performing solo shows over two years ago. Reasons: 1) Wedding and honeymoon planning. 2) Attendance dropped. 3) The overall drive to perform my original songs diminished. I needed to do something different for a bit in order to rekindle some kind of flame. So I went back to doing what I used to love. Here is what I have been up to, musically:

    - September 2015: Joined a female a cappella choir called SoHo Voce. I have been telling myself that I missed choir, especially since I arranged songs for my college female a cappella group The Hartbeats. Arranged "You've Got A Friend" by Carole King. We perform at the concert hall I book for, which is Merkin Concert Hall at Kaufman Music Center.

    - December 2015: Joined Caroling for Charity, where we went Christmas caroling in Queens bars to collect donations. That year, we raised $2,250 for a LaGuardia Community College scholarship. 

    - January 2016: Joined indie folk rock band Calotype as their keyboardist, backup singer. We have played at Mercury Lounge, Leftfield, Bowery Electric, Lantern Hall. I now consider the band members very good friends. 

    - February 2016: Started singing jazz ballads again, which is one of my favorite repretoire to sing. I met The Klevelanders at The Let Love Inn while caroling in December 2015. Brian and Scott are wonderful, fun, people to perform with. We played at Let Love Inn on several Sunday evenings. 

    - March 2016: The Barrens reunited to bid farewell to our favorite bar, Fontana's. My husband, composer Nathan Scalzone, joined us on bass. We still miss this place and the people affiliated with it. 

    - October 2016: Re-launched Eulogy Club with good friend and former Barrens bandmate Colin Fitzgerald. Our new members are Lee Diamond (Shock Radar, Calotype) and Nathan Scalzone. 

    - November 2016: Started teaching piano again. Two students, brother and sister. 

    - November 2016: Signed on to be keyboardist for electro-pop singer Karolina Rose. We have played at American Beauty, Bowery Electric, Muchmore's. 

    - January 2017: Sang "Moonage Daydream" for a David Bowie tribute at The Let Love Inn. 

    - July 2017: Continued band-coaching at Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls. This was my sixth year as a volunteer. 

    - July 2017: IMeowww got a brief mention on The New York Times.

    And on August 31, 2017: I will play my first solo set in two years at Freddy's Bar, sharing the bill with songstress Miwa Gemini. Am I making a comeback? Not really, but I am ready to re-focus. Am I working on new songs? Yes. Will I play one of them at this show? Quite possibly. 

    Overall, it was good break from playing solo and I am pleased with all of my decisions so far. I have made a lot of new friends in the past 2 years. My next goal is to record and release an EP because I'll admit it: it's about damn time. 

    Here's August.